Ken Dowling

Ken has touched and opened the hearts of thousands of souls from around the world and would love to share his experiences with you.

One of his unique approaches is that he tunes into the audience or person and adapts his presentation/healing to the energy in the room, therefore every presentation, just like every reading will be fresh and unique.

There is more to Ken's work than just the symbology. There is an entire spiritual philosophy that underpins the way he lives his life and he shares this openly with anyone who has a desire to improve or change their life.

Ken has developed unique processes that assist the individual to really get to know who they truly are. With or without the symbols people can learn simple steps to enable them to enhance who they really are. After a session with Ken clients' walk away feeling uplifted, free, lighter, and empowered.

The real power of the symbols enables the individual to set and focus their intention on the energies and desires they wish to create in their lives. Historically many processes designed to assist people to connect with their own spirituality have been esoteric and challenging for people to comprehend and integrate into daily life. Ken's symbols and his work are a new and simple method of introducing people to who they really are and enabling them to live this truth in their everyday lives.

"Be in this moment to focus on you, take back your power and let go of all that is holding you back by accepting and forgiving your past experiences. Go within your self to find your own truth. Lose all judgment to find compassion and self belief. When you know, accept and embrace all that you are, you will feel true self love. Open your heart to receive all the abundance and prosperity the universe offers. Balance all aspects of your life to set your soul free to journey infinitely through your evolution. Be love, light & truth".