Kylie tunes into messages from Spirit, Past Loved Ones, Pets, Guides and Teachers to enable and amplify your connection with spiritual energy.

Kylie shares her broad life experiences openly, lovingly & compassionately with everyone who seeks her guidance and is ready to hear what they need to hear.

Kylie loves sharing how simple life can be and seeing souls turn their lights on.

Kylie tunes into the guidance and wisdom you need in your life at this time by reading your Energy Field utilising Conscious Mediumship, Universal Symbols' Healing Cards, Energy Work and Crystals. Her sessions are insightful, direct and effective in getting your life on track right now.

If you are ready, willing and able to start making real changes in your life, it is time to book your session with Kylie. Your answers are closer and simpler than you may think.



Kylie's spiritual journey started in 2006 with a complete change in her life's direction. Walking away from all she had held dear to seek real meaning, purpose and love in her life. During this journey she has remembered and rediscovered many spiritual gifts that forms the basis for all she shares. All of our life has purpose when we are paying attention and nothing is ever wasted when you are listening.

Kylie has vast life, work and spiritual experience and keeps it real by sharing her loving wisdom with insight, balance, simplicity and grace. She wholeheartedly knows that we are all of spirit, every soul has profound reasons for being here and when realised and released, every soul has infinite potential to fulfil this promise. 

In sharing her unique gifts, Kylie seeks to enlighten, enable and enhance your soul’s journey through utilising conscious mediumship to practically and simply illustrate how great life can be when you release all limitations, restrictions and obstacles from your life. She has considerable experience of living with awareness and can let you know how to make real, sustainable and positive changes in your life. Kylie is totally committed to informing, educating and empowering you to live your best life now. When your soul is willing, everything is possible. All you have to do is listen, let go and take action.

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