The Spiritual Journey

Your soul has journeyed from infinity onto infinity accumulating positive and negative experiences along the way that have shaped the unique being of love and light that you are.

Love EvolutionEverything you have ever been or ever will be is being crafted right now through your choices. The quality and impact of these choices will be determined by your consciousness. The clearer you are within yourself, the clearer these choices will be and the clearer your life will be. When you know & accept the true you, you will trust, love & be your true self.

It does not matter where you have come from or where you are going, the only moment you will ever really have is right NOW. The current moment of consciousness is all you ever have. Everything else is either history or a mystery. Focus your consciousness on every moment, on every experience, on every message and allow this energy to guide you to your next moment. This requires constant attention to your mind’s activity, clarity and focus. Where your mind is set is where your energy will flow. Clear your mind of all distraction, disturbance and judgement. Focus your mind on your sphere of influence, change the things you can change, take full responsibility for yourself and for your feelings and allow yourself to live a positive, loving and meaningful life. For as you love and respect your self is how you are able to love and treat all others.

You will find your love in your feelings, those pure blissful, loving feelings you have just before you start thinking. Tune into your pure love, let it guide you, use your mind to make magic happen and then get out of your own way. You deserve to live with peace, harmony, truth and love in all of your life. Allow yourself to let go of all need, all attachment and all negativity and experience the freedom of truly loving and being you.

The life you are living is yours to live fully and freely for you are the only being to totally experience all of your creations whether they be positive or not so. Ultimately, it is you that decides your life. Agreed there are circumstances where we do not immediately get the purpose of. Allow time to run its course, accept your responsibility for your involvement in its creation and you will see how you co-created and continue to create your experiences of life everyday in every way. It is through self responsibility that you will begin to find your path, your life’s purpose. Stay true to yourself and your path and you will find your way. Your positive, loving feelings will guide the way. It is time to step into your self, be real, be loving, be all that serves your spirit. For this is the path of your evolution, through the light of your love you will know your truth.

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The Spiritual Truth

Remember to love is to be free and to be free is to love.

Manifestation SymbolYou will find that your truth is very subjective based on your consciousness at that point of time. As you become more aware of everything around you that influences and shapes your journey, you will find that you will see more and understand more about how energy shapes your journey. It is important to understand that your truth is your truth and it does not need to be validated or supported by others. It is okay for you to be different and to see things differently to the rest of humanity. All you need to ask yourself is this working for you and doing no harm to yourself or anyone else. We are all individual souls on our journeys and it is intended that each of us shine our light, our uniqueness in this physical form to create the diversity of energy that is the universe. When you stand in your truth you are doing your purpose, living the truth of who you really are. You may wish to share this truth however do not enforce your truth onto others, simply be all of who you are and allow those who wish to share your journey come with you with their truth.

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